What this site is for:

I've built this site to provide a source of information and documentation about what it is taking to convert my 67 Chevy II (250/Powerglide/2dr Sport Coupe) from it's solid, but aged condition, to a car that I'm proud to drive and show off again. Having it be a little bit of fun to drive after I'm done won't hurt either.

When I'm done, I hope to be able to drive it in town without it overheating or breaking and be able to take it to the local dragstrips for occasional 12-13 second blasts down the quarter at around 110mph. The car is being built to comply with NHRA rules for vehicles with or without slicks running 11.99 or slower.

I don't have unreasonable goals and having the budget for quality parts isn't much of an issue either. I'd much rather do it right than cheap the first time, but I'm not going to spend more money than I need to either.

Here's what I'm attempting to build:

Engine 350+ hp 355, roller cam, vortec iron heads, headers, MSD ignition, and streetable on pump gas w/ vacuum secondary carb. Think ZZ4 without the aluminum heads (avoiding header fitment issues by going with iron over aluminum).
Trans, driveline Solid TH350, snappy shifts, built to last. Driveshaft loop installed. Stock driveshaft, yoke, and u-joints.
Rear End Just enough to handle the 355 and not blow. 3.55 gears, 8.2" 10-bolt Eaton Posi, and heavy duty c-clip axles should be plenty. I can't see getting enough traction on the street tires to tear an 8.2" apart.
Body Stock body & trim. I've decided on red as the primary (only?) color on the body. See picture below.
Front Suspension Stock, stock, stock with some tuning upgrades using modern technology and new replacement parts. Poly bushings, reinforced lower control arms, and quality parts.
Rear suspension Stock, stock, stock with some tuning ugprades using modern technology. Poly bushings and multi-leaf springs. I may add (or build) traction bars of some sort in the future.
Chassis stock chassis with subframe connectors cleaned and painted to shine. Nothing structurally fancy needed for a 99% street cruiser.
Electrical Basically stock electrical system with a couple of modern upgrades; 100 amp internally regulated alternator and cleaned up wiring harnesses.
Wheels & tires 15" wheels, Centerline Santa Cruz wheels (see photo below). I'm shooting for 215s upfront on 7" wide wheels and maybe 245s in the back on an 8 inch wide wheel.
Interior Stock, almost. Original looking repro door panels, seats, carpet, and dash. Replacing stock radio with a delete plate and a DIN mounted AM/FM/CD/MP3 player.

Here's my vision of the car when complete.

I was originally planning on purple, but I've decided against it, mostly because purple is becoming the new "in" color in the automotive market and I'm seeing way too many purple cars on the road. Red screams classic muscle, and while being overdone a bit also, it's appropriate for the car and it will still stand out.