Project and parts list: Each major sub-project has its own table here.

Rebuild Rear Suspension
Differential Rebuild
Rebuild Front Suspension
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspOil System
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspElectric/Charging System
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspMisc mechanical
New Fasteners
Engine Compartment Detail
Interior and Exterior Detail Work
Front/Rear Windows
Front Trim
Side Trim
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper
Body &amp Paint
Subframe Connectors
V8 Radiator
Fuel System
Wheels &amp Tires
Project Total

Rebuild rear suspension
Part/Task Supplier Cost
New Springs $180
New Shackle bolts $12
New Shackle plates $16 (inc shipping)
New spring eye bolts $20 (inc shipping)
Spring pads - ENS-3-6113G
bushings - ENS-3-2122G
Summit $66
U-bolts $24
Shocks, Monroe Ebay $35
Shocks, KYB GR Brandon $15
Energy Suspension Poly shock bushings Baxter Auto Parts $4.29
New rear brake flex hose - Stainless braid, part# FH04 $30
Paint leaf springs POR15/Blackcote N/A
New rear wheel cylinders NAPA, part#37024 $31 ea (x2)
Russell Speed Bleeders, front and rear Baxter's Auto Parts $11.99 ea (x2)
DOT5 Brake Fluid Baxter's Auto Parts $16.79/qt (x2)
Inverted flare fittings for rear brake line, 3/16" Union, 1/4" tube nut (x2) Baxter's Auto Parts $4.57
New rear brake shoes (riveted) NAPA, part#SS-242 $22.19
New brake shoe/wheel cylinder pushrods for all 4 wheels NAPA, part#80458 $15.12 ($1.89 x 8)
New rear brake spring kit NAPA, part#2242 $11.88
Paint backing plates POR15 N/A
Paint lower spring plates POR15/Blackcote N/A
Calvert Caltrac traction "bars" $339.00

8/1/04 - Rear suspension is detailed and ready for re-installation. New brakes, bushings, springs, and hardware were installed.

8/27/04 - Hang rear end on leaf springs and tighten bolts.

12/6/04 - Hang rear shocks and connect rear brake hard line to axle lines and I'm done.


Subtotal = $574.61

Rebuild differential
New Eaton Posi carrier - 19603-010 Ebay $343
New Richmond 3.55 gears (4900151) Summit $199
Diff. rebuild kit (831022M) Summit $129
Axle vent Miles Chevrolet. Classic Industries part#G6027 $6
$2.95 (lost the other one)
Reassemble differential Six States Distributors, Inc. $262.00
Paint housing POR15/Blackcote $120 (2 cans of each)
Clean housing Complete
New HD Axles &amp 1/2" x 2" wheel studs Dutchman Motorsports $245
Clean backing plates Willamette PowderFab for blasting, dropped off 3/26/04 $7.50
Rear-end support cover. Attepted to install it on my 8.2 this weekend, but the cover bolts were way too long. Called Summit customer service and they didn't appear to want to do much about it. They finally agreed to exchange the bolts for something shorter from ARP. I went ahead and ordered the correct bolt kit and I'll send the other bolts back for credit. Summit Part #SME-8510300 $139.95
Differential cover bolt kit (12pt stainless 5/16-17, 3/4" long). Didn't end up usign this, the bolts are too short for the Summit cover. I cut down the bolts that came with the Summit cover. Summit part#ARP-427-3001 $18.95
Paint diff. cover Eastwood Co. Metal Clear $9.95
New Pinion Bumper Chevy2Only, part#27016 $6.95
Gear Oil, 80W90 Napa, part#75-210 $5.38 (2 quarts)
New Frame Rail/Axle tube bumpers Chevy2Only, part#27019 $5.95
Riveted brake shoes Napa $15
Paint brake drums Knechts. Plasti-kote caliper paint, black. $5

6/20/04 Rear is now painted and ready for final assembly as soon as gear cover and axles are in (6/23). Some minor touch up painting is needed on some small parts (shackles and lower spring plates) and the springs need to be painted also. After that I can bolt it back on. The underside still needs a coat of paint though. That's coming up next week. (6/30) 7/18/04 - The underside has been painted for a couple of weeks now and the rear end is almost ready to go back in. I just need the proper cover bolts and the associated parts painted (springs, shock mounting plates, spring plates, gas tank (finish coat), tank straps), and it's a done deal.

8/27/04 - Only tasks remaining to do are installing a rear axle vent, connecting the ebrake cable, and hanging the rear end from the leaf springs and tightening up the bolts. =)

9/19/04 - The rearend is almost done. The only two things I have left to do are fill up the case with gear oil and posi additive and connect the emergency brake cable.

Subtotal = $1521.58

Rebuild front suspension
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Control arm bushings ENS-3-3160G Energy Suspension $50
tie-rods C2O part of Front Suspension Kit (C2O) - $300
A word of warning concerning Chevy2Only's suspension parts. They seem to be offshore reproductions of the originals and don't fit very well. The outer tie-rods I purchased as part of the kit didn't fit into the steering arms properly. I had to junk them and buy a replacement set from CarQuest. The CarQuest parts, made in the USA, fit great.
Outer tie-rod ends CarQuest, part# ES675 $124.23
Billet tie-rod sleeves Dshop2000 on Ebay $45
pitman arm C2O, part#25024 $70
ball joints C2O part of Front Suspension Kit (C2O) - $300
New spring perches Jessebibi on Ebay $32
install bushings My experiences at Beaverton Auto Machine will not allow me to recommend them to anyone else for ANYTHING. I don't appear to be the only one of this opinion either. The Line Up Shop in PDX is great though, try them for this stuff. $77
idler arm C2O part#25020-1 $60
New wheel cylinder Schucks $45
New brake drums (tried to have the old ones turned, but they were too warn) Les Schwab $125
Paint brake drums Knechts. Plasti-kote caliper paint, black. $5
1 more new front Wheel cylinder Napa $30
idler arm bushing kit C2O, part#24023 $90
shocks, Monroe Ebay $35
shocks, KYB Gas Adjust Brandon $15
Energy Suspension Poly shock bushings Baxter Auto Parts $4.29
new master cylinder Schucks $13
new master cylinder mounting bolts/washers 3696GM (nuts) .53c ea - Modern Chevrolet
3695GM (lock washers) .48c ea - Modern Chevrolet
Brake pedal hardware Pedal Pad 3745591 - $6.95 - Modern Chevrolet
Lever rod clips 2102GM - .75ea (x2) - Modern Chevrolet
Pedal Retainer Clip 2100GM - $2.58 - Modern Chevrolet
paint master cylinder POR15 Blackcote N/A
new wheel bearings Ebay $32
New Strut rod bushings Ebay $20
New front brake hardware &amp spring kit Modern Chevrolet, part#912212K $49.95
New flex lines L/R, part#FH37 $25ea (x2)
paint suspension parts POR15 N/A
reassemble front end

New front passenger/crossover brake line, sold individually from XKT6701. Ordered 7/13. All the other parts arrived on 7/20, need to call and ask why the crossover wasn't. $30
Steering box rebuild kit (unneeded now) Ebay - NNN Steering box rebuild kit $51
Clean &amp rebuild steering box The Rebuilding Factory $210
Lower steering column bearing Chevy2Only, part#38009-1 $29.95
Steering column firewall seal Chevy2Only, part#65024 $7.95
Box lower control arms C2O part#25051, welding by Brandon (thanks!) $8
Clean backing plates and steering arms Willamette PowderFab $15
Clean front wheel hubs tanked @ Beaverton Auto Machine $15
New control arm bumpers. **Warning - DON'T ORDER THESE FROM CHEVY2ONLY. They don't fit. CORRECT reproduction replacements can be found at Classic Industries. Chevy2Only, part#25045 $14.95
New control arm bumpers, part#3939198 Classic Industries $12.95/ea (x2)
Spindle to backing plate gasket Modern Chevrolet/Carr Chevrolett, part#816GM (GM part#15699959) $.54/$.62
New upper control arm shaft John Piccola $25
Spare upper control arms Ebay $50
Brake line retainer clips Modern Chevrolet, part# 476737 $1.50 (x6)
Clean front brake lines &amp distribution block and paint N/A
Front end alignment ??
Global West Camber lockout kit Global West $46
GM wheel bearing grease caps (2) Gold Eagle Classics $11
CPP Upper & Lower tubular control arm kits National Nostalgic Nova $688
CPP Disc Brake kit $465
Moroso Trick coil springs, part#MOR-47230 Summit $89.95

In process, control arms have bushings installed. Waiting on front clip finish before reinstall. 7/18/04 - Control arms will get a coat of paint this week, but it'll still be a while before the front end is ready to be put back together. More painting to do on other parts. =)

8/27/04 - My order from Modern Chevrolet was missing one of the backing plate gaskets. I sent them an email asking for the missing one to be sent. Whoever transcribed the order from the internet order I placed did it incorrectly and only put 1 backing plate gasket in the order, even though the confirmation I received showed that I ordered 2. I asked them to ship the missing on to me with no shipping cost, but I don't mind paying for the missing gasket since I was only charged for one. I'm just a bit annoyed that the order wasn't double checked. It won't keep me from using them again, but I'll have to make sure I double check any orders I place. Good thing I won't need the missing part for a couple more weeks.

12/6/04 - Front suspension mostly completed. I still need to install the front shocks, put the brake hardware on the backing plates, and then get it aligned.

Subtotal = $1824.43

7/4/05 - Just need an alignment and the shock extenders installed.

Part/Task Supplier Cost
Hedman 1.5" headers, part#68160 used set found on Ebay $83
Merge Collectors w/2.5" outlet and welded flanges Headers by Ed, part#35C4L $122.70 ($61.35ea)
2 extra welded flanges Headers by Ed, part#60L373 $14.90 ($7.45ea)
4 collector gaskets, part#68L37 Headers by Ed $10.40 ($2.60ea)
6" u-bend for lengthening #7 primary Headers by Ed, part#10CP0606 $33.10 ($16.55ea)
5" u-bend for lengthening #7 primary Hazel Dell Muffler $28 ($14ea)
10 feet of 1.5" OD tubing for extending primaries Headers by Ed, part#70C18-030 $34.40 ($8.60ea)
Header gaskets (Earl's) Summit, part #EAR-290D03B $34 + $20 for replacement seals
Grade8 locking header bolts Summit Gift
Hot tank headers (to remove Hedman black paint) Beaverton Auto Machine $42
Header coating ?? ~$250.00
Lengthen passenger collector 7" local exhaust shop $15
2.5" exhaust with x-pipe, tail pipes, and stainless mufflers (Installer's Choice Magnaflow clones) Darrel's Economy Muffler in Portland $400

In process - need to have headers modified before they can go on the engine. Heck, the engine needs to be painted and assembled first.

8/27/04 - Need to mount motor and trans to test the real fit of the primaries and collectors and the front frame rails. I think the primaries are going to need to be lowered another inch or two in order to avoid floor interference problems.

Subtotal = $650.50

Part/Task Supplier Cost
350 roller motor, ZZ4 cam, Cast Iron Vortec heads, forged pistons (9.4:1) Ebay
Valve covers - Chevy production valve covers, center bolt. Probably from a Chevy Truck. Ebay included with motor
Water pump Ebay $26
Pulleys Ebay & Flatlander Racing> $40
New frame mounts Ebay $75
Engine mounts ENS-3-1120G Summit $68
Scorpion self-aligning 3/8" full-roller rockers Ebay - NoAngstPerformance $234
carb - Holley 80508S, 750 cfm, elec choke, vacuum sec Ebay,"carbdoc" $195
carb - Holley 4779-2, 650 cfm, elec choke (HLY-45-224), manual sec

71 jets - front
74 jets - rear
#35 pump discharge nozzles
Pink accelerator pump cam
Ebay &amp Baxter's Auto Parts $230
Holley secondary spring kit Summit, part#HLY-20-13 $8.88
Holley secondary spring quick change housing Summit, part#HLY-20-59 $11.95
Fuel bowl sight plugs Classic Industries Part#H6057 $5
Fuel bowl sight plugs (I broke one of the others) Baxter's (Moroso plugs this time) $6.99
fuel bowl line Ebay $10
Vacuum line cap kit Summit, part#MOR-41090 $5.88
Holley mech fuel pump (HLY-12-327-11) & pushrod (ARP-134-8701) Summit $80
Fuel pump mounting plate Baxter's Auto Parts - Mr. Gasket Chrome (limited options for this part in the market, this was cheap) $5
&nbsp Intake/throttle
Intake bolts Ebay $7
Intake - Edelbrock 7516 RPM AirGap for Vortec Ebay, ordered 3/8/04 $210 shipped (not a bad price)
Powder coat Intake Willamette PowderFab?? $75
Felpro 1255 Intake Manifold Gasket Kit "Vortec Design"
Sallee-Chevrolet $20.65
Silicone vacuum tubing for PCV &amp trans governer. 1/8" and 1/4" ID, 10ft ea. Baxter's Auto Parts $40
Throttle parts C20, Summit, Baxters $58 so far
throttle rod &amp pivot Super Chevy Store - PDX $20 - rod & swivel from Super Chevy Store in PDX.
Throttle return springs,bracket, and throttle bushing Baxter's Auto Parts $26
1.22" PCV Grommets/GM PCV Grommets Baxter's Auto Parts/Carr Chevrolet, part#10088126. Next time I need these, I'll buy them online through a place like GMPartsDirect, much, much cheaper. These are probably from a 1997+ Chevy C2500 5.7L Fuel injected (R motor code) truck with a Vortec V8. $5/$11.65ea(x2)
GM PCV Valve Carr Chevrolet, part#11161745 $5.98
GM PCV hose Modern Chevy part#324GM, GM part#3981058 $8.09
GM PCV hose (second try, I recut the first one incorrectly) Classic Industries, part# K0058 $8.76 (net of 20% discount)
PCV hose clamps (easier to get them with the hose than to try a local place) Classic Industries, part# K0051 $.71ea x 2 (net of 20% discount)
Air Cleaner top Gift $0
air cleaner base Ebay $14
Heim jointed throttle rod assembly

Easy to make one of these, I just need two 1/4" female threaded heim joints, some 1/4" fine thread ready bolt rod, a couple of jam nuts, and some pipe/tubing to cover up the threaded rod
1/4" female Heim Joints (part#1750211) - $4.95ea - Speedway Motors
1/4" Jam Nuts - (part# 1756041-LH) - $1.45(6 pack) - Speedway Motors
Aluminum tubing - NAPA - $4
1/4 fine-thread rod - $3
Replacement accelerator pedal, part#G8629 Classic Industries $14.95
&nbsp Ignition
Distributor core (part #1111487) - Unneeded now that I'm not going to go with Dave's Small Body HEI. Ebay
Distributor hold down B&ampR $5
Electronic distributor &amp coil = MSD 8361 (dist) + MSD 8207 (SS Blaster coil) Ebay $164.91
MSD 6AL CD ignition box Summit, part#MSD-6420 $195.95
Diode to prevent Run-on w/ MSD box Radio Shack, part #1N4003 (200V/1A). Anything 100V/1A or over is usable for this purpose with the MSD. .79 cents (2 diodes)
MSD Distributor cap w/ wire retainer Summit Part # MSD-8433 $24.88
MSD advance spring kit Summit Part # MSD-8464 $9.95
MSD REV pills (5000-5800) (optional, the 6k pill will probably be fine initially) Summit? ~24
plug wires, MSD 8.5mm, part #MSD31243 Summit $59.95
Spark plugs. 14mm tapered seat
GAP .045 (OEM guideline) Plug Options:
AC-Delco #12
AC-Delco Platinum #41-932
AC MR43LTS Gap .045, AC FR5LS Gap .035, Rapid Fire #5 Gap .045. (all equivalent according to Sallee, might have to call for a recommendation. I think the FR5LS is a hotter plug than the others) AC-Delco R44LTS - oem plug
FR5LS (manufacturer?)
AC-Delco MR43LTS (cooler) - Sallee Recommends these for higher performance vortec builds
AC-Delco R44LTS (may also work, but runs a bit hotter)
AC-Delco R42LT (cooler still)
NGK 2238 or TR5(platinum)
Champion 41803

Autolite 103
There is a confusing history of sparkplugs that have been used in the Fastburn385 throughout it's lifetime.Originally, most of these engines used a (not commonly available) AC Delco MR43LTS sparkplug which is the marine version of the R43LTS (it has nickle plated barrels to resist corosion) These plugs can be replaced by an AC Delco R42LTS (commonly available) If some extra clearence is required for headers, a gasket seat plug can also be used-(heads will accept either) The gasket seat equivalent is FR3LS. (also commonly available) All Plugs should be gapped at .045"
Sallee-Chevrolet, ACDelco MR43LTS, Part#05614210 $13.60 (8)
Spark Plug index washers Summit, part#MOR-71900 $13.88
Spark Plug index plate Summit, part#MOR-62160 $9.95
Crane Adjustable Vacuum advance can kit w/ limiter plate Summit part#, CRN-99601-1 $22.88
8" Balancer cover/timing indicator Ebay/Kendall Chevy $30.00
&nbsp Oil System
rear sump oil pan & pick-up Classic Industries, part#N1300221. Pickup Canton 20-060 (8 1/8"). The Classic Industries pickup tube (part#N1300222) left 7/8" pan clearance , which is way too much. Canton's pickup is deeper by 5/8", which should leave me 1/4" - 3/8" clearance. $120 CI pan. Canton Tube $15.94
dipstick B&ampR Auto Wrecking $5
New dipstick (didn't like the way the OEM one sat in the engine compartment) Zig's Street Rods, Lokar $42.50
Engine oil filler cap Carr Chevrolet, part#93439687. The aftermarket valve covers don't use a screw in cap like the production valve covers. Since I'm using production valve covers, I needed to order a screw on cap like this one. $8.00
Oil Filter relocation kit &amp install w/ neoprene lines Summit $14.95 (filter mount), $23.95 (bypass plate)

Returned Summit kit and exchanged for: Moroso filter bypass plate (MOR-23770) and Perma Cool Remote oil filter adapter (PRM-1213). The Summit Kit uses a filter mounting setup for Ford filters, which are plumbed with an oil bypass in the filter. I'm wanting to use AC Delco PF35 filters and the Perma Cool filter adapter uses a standard chevy spin on filter mount (13/16-16 thread). I wasn't terribly impressed with the quality of the Summit Kit. It's not horrible, just not great.

Filter mount location note. See if the filter mount can be put on the engine crossmember or one of the frame rails, rather than the inner fender.
Remote oil filter lines &amp fittings. -10AN line/fittings or 1/2 ID push-on line/fittings

I created this image to help figure out how many of each and what kind of fittings I needed.
90' fittings (4) - 771-15158
1/2" x 1" pipe nipples (2), Home Depot
Hose (2 ft, 3 ft, or 4ft) - TRD-1032 or 1047
Found 4ft TransDapt hose kit at Baxter's last night. $38
Found chrome 1/2 NPT x 1" pipe nipples at Home Depot $6
Summit is backordered on the PermaCool 90 deg. fittings, so I ordered from Jeg's $24
Synthetic Oil filter, GM PF35L (1 qt - Part #25013454),also available at AutoZone, which I didn't find out until after I ordered from AC-Delco. $56 (5 filters w/shipping)
I was amazed to find out that gauge prices between Summit Racing and Classic Industries are all with $1 of each other. Usually I order gauges and race parts from Summit, but I needed some other parts and didn't want to pay $12 shipping for 1 item and prices were very close to equal.
2 5/8" Oil Pressure gauge - electric, part# AM3522 Classic Industries $49.95
2 5/8" Water Temp gauge - electric, part# AM3531 Classic Industries $44.95
2 5/8" Trans Temp gauge - electric, part# AM3552 (currently backordered, awaiting shipment) Classic Industries $45.95
Oil heater for storage use ?? ??
New oil pump shaft w/ steel sleeve Summit part# MEL-IS55E (Melling HD shaft) $6.95
10W30 oil for motor break-in NAPA $1.59/qt (x8)
&nbsp Electric/Charging System
3 wire, 100amp alternator Ebay $90
Summit Protorque mini starter 1.9hp, 222 ft/lb torque, 4.1/1 gear reduction Summit, part# SUM-820323 $146.95
Starter 3hp, high torque. (This starter didn't clear the headers by enough margin to use safely) Ebay $135
Install Relay on starter crank circuit from dash Bosch 30amp relay $5
Starter heat shield Summit, part#SYM-350108 $17.69
Wire alternator &amp remove voltage regulator N/A N/A
2-wire alternator pigtail harness NAPA ~$5
120amp 4gauge Braided alternator wiring kit Summit, part#SUM-890025 $15
8gauge alternator to horn relay wire Car Toys, Streetwires part#UF8250S $8.50 (.85/ft)
alternator bracket Flatlander Racing $15
Ground straps Chevy2Only Part#88006 $9.95
Ground straps for block to frame and front frame to rear frame Knecht's $8
engine harness C2O, part#87025 + HEI upgrade $125
&nbsp Detailing
Paint Engine, purple. Decided not to go this route, doing Red instead. AutoZone (purple). EastWoodCo (Vermillion Red 1 Step - returned, bad color choice, too orange, ordered Fire Red instead) $20/$30
Paint pulleys POR15 &amp Blackcote N/A
&nbsp Misc mechanical
cast Thermostat housing &amp paint B&ampR Auto/Ebay $10
Thermostat housing gasket Ebay $0
153 tooth flexplate for 1pc rear main, 1996+ block. Darwin De Groff $28

Still waiting for correct pickup to show up. Had to return the first one they sent, it was mispackaged and was a front sump pickup. 6/18 - Finally got Classic Industries to cough up the correct oil pan pickup. It'll be here in a couple of days. It only took them 3 months to get it right. Dammit, I could have had the motor finished by now.

7/18/04 - The oiling system is finally complete, except for the external filter mounting, and I can't do that until the front end is back on the car. The engine should see paint sometime in the next couple of weeks.

8/27/04 - Still working on remounting the front fender panels and getting them finished. As soon as they get paint, it'll be time to paint the engine block and transmission and then start assembling the drivetrain.

12/6/04 - Engine painted. I still need to touch up the valve covers. Motor mostly assembled now, except for the accessories that should wait until the motor is installed to be bolted on. 7/4/05 - Oil pan needs to be touched up, but motor is complete except for break-in.

Subtotal = $4228.89

Misc Fasteners Needed
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Crank balancer bolt Ebay $9.50
Water pump bolts (stainless) Ebay $4.50
Vortec Intake bolts Ebay $14
Alternator & bracket bolts Ebay $7
Frame mount bolts C2O $10
Flex plate to crank bolts (ARP-200-2906) Summit $11
Torque converter to flex plate bolts(ARP-230-7301) Ebay $6.50
Valve cover bolts Ebay $9
Thermostat housing bolts Ebay $3
Magnetic drain plug (SUM-G15) Summit $6
Fuel pump bolts Ebay $3
Crank pulley bolts(3) - 3/8-24 x 3/4" NAPA $4
Motor mount bolts (stainless) Summit (ARP-420-3102) $14
Transmission housing bolts Robinette Hardware, grade 8 (3/8 x 16 x 1.25) $3.20
Black oxide coating kit Eastwood Co. $36 (after 10% discount)
water pump pulley bolts (4) - 5/16-24 x 3/4" Napa $4
1/2" Intake pipe plug - black. Edelbrock was nice enough to supply 3 of the 3/8" plugs for the vacuum fittings, but didn't include any 1/2" ones to plug the extra coolant port on the intake. Only need one of those and Summit sells the Edelbrock ones cheap. Summit Part #EDL-9126 $2.99

Subtotal = $147.69

Swap Powerglide for TH350
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Transmission rebuild Dave's Trans Action, Forest Grove $710
Kickdown cable and bracket C2O Part of trans swap kit
Carb Kickdown Stud Baxter's Auto Parts/ $5
Mr. Gasket Kickdown Cable bracket. An OEM type bracket, like Chevy2Only sells, won't work on a Vortec intake. The cable ends up being too far away from the carb to hookup properly. Baxter's Auto Parts $19.95
shifter Dad Gift
B&ampM Street Bandit Hardcore shifter Summit part#BMM-80798 $260
shifter knob, American Products Company, part# 604022 NAPA $15.49 (requires mods to install on auto shifter handle)
trans mount C2O Part of kit, part#87025-1
trans crossmember C2O Part of Kit $99
New u-joints front &amp rear C2O, part#16005. If you want ujoints w/o zerk fittings, don't order these. $24
New u-joints straps Classic Industries $19.95
No-drill Driveshaft loop (mounts to trans mount) Year One $60
refinish driveline

street torque converter Dave's Trans Action $260
Flywheel dust cover Ebay $15
dipstick tube B&R Auto $5
Derale trans cooler "Atomic-Cool Remote Cooler" Summit Part#DER-13750 $150
Derale Thermostat switch/thermostat (I broke the thermo sensor on the first one) Summit Part#DER-13021 $48 ($24 x 2)
trans cooler lines &amp fittings Aeroquip 45 degree 1/4" NPT to -6AN fittings (90 degree didn't fit)
2 -6 AN male couplers 4, 26.5" -6AN lines w/ female fittings
Ebay $42 for lines w/ fittings
Couplers and 45' fittings, Oil Filter Service Co. - $12
paint trans (black) Duplicolor black
Transmission fluid, synthetic Red Line (CarQuest Auto Parts) $70/case
Transmission pan drain plug kit Baxter's Auto Parts $6.95
Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan, part# 223113 (B&ampM) Classic Industries $109.95
Braided steel transmission dipstick tube Ebay $45.90

In process, trans done mechanicals done.

7/18/04 - Need to paint the case though and it'll be ready to go in shortly after the motor is complete. Still working on the transmission cooler plan too, but I ordered it today. It's on backorder from Summit though. According to their website, they've got 127 of them backordered.

8/27/04 - I received the Derale cooler from Summit. It had a few fins smashed, but they were easy to straighten, so I didn't send it back. I'm still working on getting the correct trans cooler line fittings for the tran case, the 90' fittings wouldn't turn, they kept hitting the case. I think 45' fittings will work. I'll probably get them from Summit, unless I can find a decent fittings shop here in Portland. Actually, I just found a place in PDX called Oil Filter Service Co. that sells auto performance hose products. I'm heading over there today.

12/6/04 - Transmission painted and ready to be bolted to engine and installed in car. After it goes in the car, the trans cooler will get hooked up.
7/4/05 - Just need to finish hooking up thermostat on transmission cooler (broke original one). Otherwise complete.

Subtotal = $1731.19

Engine Compartment Paint & detail
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Blast finish off panels Wilamette Powder Fab ( $82
Wiring harness straps along fenders Ebay $16.50
New fender seals C2O, part#65009 $14.95
Weatherstrip adhesive Classic Industies Part#08551 $8
Seam sealant Classic Industies Part#08008 $8
New frame seals C2O, part#59014 $12.95
Finish fender panels w/ Zero Rust Zero Rust Paint (12 cans) $108 (4 cans of each coat)
Cowl seal Ebay $13
Wiper motor mounting kit, Classic Ind. Part#4910180 Classic Industries $9.95
3 Wiper motor mounting studs Chevy2Only, part#14026-1 $2.97
Wiper motor mounting seal Chevy2Only, part#65026 $4.95
New Horn Relay AutoZone $8.99
Replacement rivets for trim/cowl tag $12

In process, front clip done sand blasting. Put winter primer coat on them to keep rust from forming.

7/18/04 - As soon as the rear end is bolted up and painted, the front end will get a coat of paint and be ready for final assembly.

9/25/04 - Finished laying the paint on over the weekend. I need to buff out the clear and then it'll be ready to bolt stuff on to.

Subtotal = $302.26

Finish detail work on interior &amp exterior
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Interior and Exterior Fastener kits C2O, part#69096 (interior), part#78053 (exterior) $26
headliner Ebay $50
replacement steering wheel Ebay $80
Refinish steering column with black OER Semi-gloss lacquer Gold Eagle Classics $14
New IDIDIT steering column (had to replace steering column, it wouldn't couple with rebuilt steering box) Zig's Street Rods $315
Borgeson splined coupler (3/4"x36 spline to 3/4"x36 spline) Ididit $60 (includes overnight shipping $30)
More black OER Semi-gloss lacquer Classic Industries $9.56 ea x 2 (net of 20% discount)
Refinish heater box with black OER Semi-gloss lacquer N/A - already have paint N/C
New Heater box resistor Gold Eagle Classics/GM still makes this part $7.95
Sandblast heater box pieces (with the amount of surface rust on the pieces, this was the easiest way to go) Willamette Powder Fab $25
Heater relay Classic Industries part#G7313 $8.76 (net 20% discount)
Heater resistor, non A/C Gold Eagle Classics, GM part#3929052 $8.76 (net 20% discount)
Heater box flapper valve padding/insulation Chevy2Only/Trim Parts Part of heater box kit I already had
Lacquer friendly primer Duplicolor or PlastiKote filler/primer, available at most auto parts houses $4
Refinish doors and interior painted sheetmetail N/A - already have paint N/C
New turn signal switch for steering column Gold Eagle Classics $12.95
antenna Ebay $75
Glove Box liner C20, part#part#69133 $15
Package Tray &amp Insulation C2O, part#69046-BLK (liner), part#69049 (insulation) $28
new step plates Ebay $85
Remount Front bench

New door lamp switches Modern Chevrolet, part#1218GM (11/22 These are WRONG for 67) $14.95/pr
New door lamp switches Classic Industries, part#NJG41 $4.43 ea (x2)
Paint floor under carpeting w/ POR15 This turned out to be absolutely necessary. Pulled old carpet and found lots of rust that wasn't there 10 years ago when I replaced it last time.
Replace accelator pedal studs Super Chevy Store - PDX $8
front and rear Arm Rests &amp Pads Front = Ebay, Rear = ?? Front rests $45 / Right Rear - $15
weatherstripping ??
recover front seat Seat cover = Gold Eagle Classics, labor = Bright Auto Upholstery $180 + $415
interior paint (OER black lacquer) Gold Eagle Classics $14
fix rear seat slash Bright Auto Upholstery - PDX included in front seat cover labor $$$
Replace missing seat belt bolts Gold Eagle Classics $116
New black (loop) carpet w/ jute backing ACC Carpet from Super Chevy Store (PDX) $109.95
Firewall insulation and clips C2O or Classic Ind. $49.95
Under carpet insulation/deadener Lowes "reflectix". 1-4'x25' roll, 1-16"x25' roll $45
Contact adhesive for sound deadener Lowes $5
New dome light bulb Modern Chevrolet, part#2959GM $1.44
Heater motor/firewall seals Chevy2Only $10.95
Master cylinder/firewall plug Greenwood Chevrolet/Ebay $10.40
Clean surface rust off interior surfaces

Brake pedal assembly finished
Heater box removed and undergoing refinishing

Still collecting parts, but not started yet. 7/18/04 - Interior work is not looking like it'll get done this summer. It'll be a good fall/winter project when I get the car back in my garage at home.

12/6/04 - Still collecting parts, but the front seat is recovered and waiting to go in. Too bad there's still a lot of work to be done on the inside before it goes back in.

Subtotal = $1768.04

Part/Task Supplier Cost
epoxy putty POR15 $20
Fix battery tray mounting holes

Optima red-top battery, part#8004-003 (CCA (BCI 0F): 800 amps MCA (BCI 32F): 980 amps) Sears $119
Side terminal conversion adapters (converts side terminals to top post like terminals) N/A N/A
8ft 0gauge braided battery cable Car Toys, StreetWires part# UF050BL $39.60 (4.95/ft)
0 gauge ring terminals Car Toys, StreetWires part# RTS0 $29.95 (2 terminals)
Positive an Negative terminals w/ 0ga, 4ga, 8ga connection ports Ebay, Stinger platinum HPM, part#SBTMNPT & SBTMPPT $49.90 (2 terminals, $24.95/ea)
Fill Passenger floor hole

Battery Tray kit Ebay $45
Install battery tray N/A N/A
remove battery box N/A N/A
Weld shut holes I drilled in trunk pan

Hole in floor was a stupid attempt at mounting something in my teen years, not rust on floor. The battery tray wasn't a really good fit. The lower tray support was about 3/4" too short to match up with the mounting hole on the inner fender. I had to drill a new hole to get it to mount properly. It was just a test fit. Still need to paint the tray and the inner fender before I can make it permanent. 8/1/04 - Sears had Optima batteries on sale over the weekend. $10 off and no core/recycling charge seemed like a decent deal. I've been waiting to see them on sale anywhere for less than $140 for months, so I jumped on this one.

Subtotal = $303.50

Remove &amp replace front windshield, remove &amp remount rear window
Part/Task Supplier Cost
new seal front (may actually reuse old one) Ebay $35
New rear window seal ????
Remove Windshield &amp check window mounting area

New windshield &amp install

Remove rear window and clean window channel

Reinstall rear window

Not started

Subtotal = $35.00

Replace front grill, refinish headlight bezels (repaint, chrome is good)
Part/Task Supplier Cost
used Grills (3) & filler panels(2). Recieved them. Out of the 3 grills and filler panels, only 1 filler panel and grill were usable. Overall,what I spent wasn't a bad deal for one usable grill and filler panel. The filler will need to be blasted and unbent a bit, but that's easy. Ebay $97
Grill emblem (spare) Ebay $10
Refinish bezels George Lucas Metal Polishing?
New Headlights Wagner Halogen $24
Polish &amp Repaint grill

Not started, collecting parts though

Subtotal = $131.00

Refurbish panel moldings
Part/Task Supplier Cost
refinish existing Refinishing will be done by George Lucas. See suppliers page for info ~$300
16 Spare molding mounting clips Ebay, too good a deal to pass up. These aren't reproduced yet. $16
Rocker panel moldings + clips Ebay $137.50

Not started

Subtotal = $153.50

Clean up Trunk
Part/Task Supplier Cost
remove old undercoating painted on inside of trunk

Repaint inside trunk

New tail light seals Ebay $6.16

Not started

Subtotal = $6.16

Reinstall front bumper
Part/Task Supplier Cost
new bumper brackets C2O, part#74030 $65
Replace stripped bumper bracket bolt Ben's Nova Parts $7
polish bumper

Reinstall bumper

Not started

Subtotal = $72.00

Replace rear bumper
Part/Task Supplier Cost
OEM bumper, straightened and replated Parts Pete's $214
refinish &amp paint brackets Willamette Powder Fab/POR15 $7.50

In process, new bumper and brackets have been cleaned/painted, but still a long way away from reinstall (2/11/04)

Subtotal = $221.50

Replace and Remount Stereo
Part/Task Supplier Cost
repro radio delete plate Duane - Steve's Nova Site $45
stereo (AM/FM/CD/MP3 player) ???
amps ???
speakers ???
speaker installs

Not started

Subtotal = $45.00

Body work and paint
Part/Task Supplier Cost
trunk lid repair/replace (slight rust issues)

rear lower quarter - repair/replace, trunk drops Ebay $46
rear window filler panel - repair/replace

paint - leaning towards PPG Renault Red or maybe a dark steel gray

Front End Fastener Kit Modern Chevrolet, part#FE221 $38.95

Buying parts...

Subtotal = $84.95

Install Subframe Connectors
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Subframe Connectors Dshop2000 on Ebay $92
Install connectors

Reconnect e-brake cable N/A N/A
Re-Paint subframe connectors & chassis POR15 $137 (2 qts POR15, 2 qts Blackcoat)
Weld connectors to mounting points Novas4life (mucho thanks)
Paint rear e-brake cable POR15 N/A

In process, undercarriage is cleaned/painted. Just need to reassemble everything now.

7/18/04 - This sub-project will be complete as soon as the differential is bolted back in. I spent $3.00 this weekend at the local car wash place cleaning the rear emergency brake cable. It looks great, but needs a coat of black paint.

7/4/05 - Complete.

Subtotal = $229.00

V8 Radiator
Part/Task Supplier Cost
radiator Chevy2Only Optima 4 core, part#07003A $295
shroud Chevy2Only, part#07006 $100
18" flex fan Ebay $16
17" flex fan, Flex-A-Lite #1307 Baxter's $48
16" Zirgo 3985CFM electric fan #ZFU16 $199
Zirgo 180* fan switch, 40amp relay, and wiring harness Ebay $31
Derale adjustable fan controller, part#DER-16749 Summit $39.95
Custom fan shroud self designed, metal services by $???
flex fan spacer

The fan blades hit the crank pulley when installed correctly. I need to push it out an inch or two from the pump mount to clear everything. This will need to wait until the radiator is in the car to find the right size.
Baxters, Flex-a-liter spacers 1 - 1/2" spacer, 1 - 1" spacer - $26
Overflow tank Summit, part#SUM-300101 $49.95
mount overflow tank n/a n/a
Hose &amp fittings for overflow (T-fitting for bottom of tank for fluid inlet will turn this into a recirculating overflow)
heater hoses Classic Industries Part#C1 $15
upper/lower radiator hoses Chevy2Only, Part#07023-1 (lower), Part#07022 (upper) $40.90
Radiator drain valve Classic Ind. Part #K0085 $3
Heater Hose Clamps ?? ??
Chrome heater hose fittings, intake and water pump Classic Ind. Part#D141525 and Part#D141526 $11
radiator cap (non-coolant recovery) Chevy2Only, part#07036 $13.95
Stant Radiator cap, part#11231 (coolant recover cap) Schuck's Auto Parts $4.68
Goodmark radiator support Super Chevy Store on Stark(PDX) $199.95
Aluminum radiator (Summit part# SUM-380424) local purchase $200 w/ mounting tabs welded on
Forced air intake ducting? custom fab?? ??

In process. 7/18/04 - I think the only parts I'm missing here are the radiator hose clamps and a few frame fasteners.

7/4/05 - Almost done. Just some minor fiddling with overflow tank line to finish. Fan setup may need to be replaced if it doesn't cool effectively, but until it fails, it's staying like it is.

Subtotal = $823.43

Gas tank and fuel lines
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Remove,clean, and paint fuel tank POR15
3/8" fuel sender C2O, part#23003-1 $59.95
Gas filler neck to tank hose C2O, part#23004 $16
Gas filler neck to tank clamps C2O, part#23004-1 $6 (2)
fuel tank isolator/anti-squeek Ebay $12
re-line to motor with 3/8" fuel line
Filler to body seal
Filler to tank hose
Filler to tank hose clamps
C2O $69.95

Fuel Pump to carb fuel line Summit Racing $37 for pump to carb kit, braided hose &amp AN fittings
Pump to carb braided line fittings (the Summit kit is designed for a single inlet carb, not a dual inlet carb so the carb fittings are incorrect)

Need a straight hose fitting to -6 AN female
Need a -6AN male to 3/8" NPT male adapter/coupler fitting
Oil Filter Service Co.  
Refinish tank mounting straps Willamette Powder-Fab. Coated with POR15 $44 for blasting (along with a bunch of other parts)
fender-to-pump and sender-to-line fuel line hose lengths, braided w/ clamps Ebay $28
Fuel pump input line fitting (3/8" NPT straight to 3/8" barbed) AutoZone $4.00
Fuel line clips (I don't like these) Classic Industries Part#K0093 $15
Stainless Fuel line clips Speedway Motors, part#91031315-3/8 $12.95
Fuel filter, TransDapt 3/8" filter. I may still decide to go with an AN fitting filter though, like Summit's SUM-G1512. Baxter's $6
Fuel filter, Golan Products 10 micron -6AN filter, washable filter, male AN fittings, mounting bracket, and is billet aluminum. Worth it, last fuel filter I'll ever need to buy for the car. Oil Filter Service Co, Part# 40-06AN $70.20
3/8" Hose to -6AN hose coupler x 2 Oil Filter Service Co. ??
3/8" tube to -6AN tube nuts (6), sleeves(6), and -6AN union fittings(2)

Connect pump line to rear line - 1 union, 2 sleeves, 2 nuts (got these)
Connect 2 rear line pieces back togther - 1 union, 2 sleeves, 2 nuts
Connect rear line to sender outlet - 1 union, 2 sleeves, 2 nuts
Connect fuel filter to rear line somewhere - 2 tube nuts, 2 sleeves
1 extra union, 2 extra sleeves/nuts, just in case my plan is off
Oil Filter Service Co. $14.43
3/8" Hose clamps for fuel filter Summit, part#SPE-2258B $9.90 (4.95x2)
New fuel sock Modern Chevrolet, part#3239GM, GM Part#5651702-A $7.89

In process. 7/18/04 - I can't start on this until I have the front end bolted back on. There is a hole that needs to be drilled in the passenger fender panel that I can't drill until I know exactly where the fuel line will go through.

8/8/04 - I thought I was done installing the tank, but after speaking with a couple of people on the Nova board and complaining about the poorly designed fuel sock on the sender, I see other people have had the same problem.

8/27/04 - I ordered a new pickup sock from Modern Chevrolet. It's due to show up on August 31st. I may delay installing the rearend a bit longer until I can get the gas tank 100% done. Without the differential in the way, it'll be much easier to change the fuel sock with easy access to the tank.

9/7/04 - The pickup sock installed easily, it's just a push-on fit over the sender tube. I'm glad I waited to install the differential until the gas tank was done. Reinstalling the sender was a pain with the tank hanging in the car. So, the fuel tank is 100% done, I just need to route the fuel line up front. See Project Page #13 for details on my experiences with the L79 fuel line.

12/6/04 - Still dragging my feet on getting the fuel line installed. It can wait until the motor goes in.

Subtotal = $443.07

Wheels &amp Tires
Part/Task Supplier Cost
Centerline Cruising Customs - Santa Cruz (front) 15x7 w/ 4.5" backspacing

Hi-polish mirror finish. 2-piece construction. This is rotary forged billet aluminum wheel manufactured by welding the center section into an outer rim enabling you to customize the backspace & width.
Centerline Wheels
$293 ($129ea + $35 shipping)
Centerline Cruising Customs - Santa Cruz (rear) 15x8 w/ 5" backspacing

Hi-polish mirror finish. 2-piece construction. This is rotary forged billet aluminum wheel manufactured by welding the center section into an outer rim enabling you to customize the backspace & width.
Centerline Wheels $293 ($129ea + $35 shipping)
Zoops Zoopseal Kit Summit, part#ZOP-9550 $129.95
Lug nuts, 10-1/2", 10-7/16" (big suckers aren't they) Speedway Motors $13
Tires, rear 245/60-15 Radial TA (26.6 diam) Les Schwab $208 w/ mounting &amp balancing
Tires, front 215/60-15 BFG Radial TA Les Schwab $208 w/ mounting &amp balancing
Modify rear fender lips for more tire clearance N/A N/A
M/T 235-60/15 ET Street Drag Radials Ebay $240

Subtotal = $599.00

Total spent so far = $15,896.30 + incidentals